Welcome to Ohana!

Ohana Means Family

Ohana is a day center where individuals with special needs can socialize and develop, practice, and maintain life skills. We focus on providing meaningful activities and nurturing lifelong relationships both in the community and at our center.

What Makes Ohana Unique

Ohana is not like every other day program, and that’s how we like it!

  • At Ohana, we focus on activities and socialization rather than employment
  • Individual activity and communication journals for each member. We want you to know what we did during the day, and we realize that messages don’t always make it home.
  • Sign in sheet. Responsibility and accountability is a big part of being an adult.
  • Freshly prepared lunch each day. We know that good nutrition is important, and we work hard to offer balances meals with homemade ingredients whenever possible.
  • Continued learning! If you don’t use skills, you lose them, so we take time to practice reading, writing, and other life skills daily. Cultural studies on Wednesday is a fun way to learn about people and places all over the world.
  • Wii, computer, and ipad games! Technology is fun and can be very rewarding while building speech, gross, and find motor skills.
  • Each member is assigned a personal cubby where they can keep their items during the day. (Backpacks, purses, papers, etc.)
  • We love learning music through choir and band! On Fridays we have a certified music therapist from Music Expressions come lead our music studies.
  • A set weekly schedule helps our members know what to expect each day.
  • We believe our Ohana members are the very best, and pledge to employ only the very staff to work with them!