About Ohana



Ohana was first dreamed up by Angie McDougald and Kaitlin Bean in 2014. We met while working together at another state funded day program.

Angie lived in Australia for several years, and worked at an amazing local Australian day program for adults with special needs, The Tertiary Place. Angie saw the impact a top quality day program could have on the life of a special needs individual, and had developed a deep love for the special needs community; she was determined to use the skills she had developed in Australia to bring an amazing day program to Utah.

Kaitlin has a twenty four year old sister, Monica, who has Down Syndrome, and has been surrounded by special needs individuals for most of her life. For Kaitlin, the inspiration behind Ohana has always been, and will always be, to create an amazing program worthy of Monica and her friends.

Quite simply, Ohana was designed to be a program that we would feel comfortable sending our most precious family members and friends.