Why don’t you accept DSPD?
We have specifically chosen not to be a DSPD approved and sponsored facility for a couple of reasons, but the main one is that by being private pay, we have much more freedom when planning our programs and activities. DSPD facilities are employment based and focus solely on finding employment in the community for their members. While we recognize that this is a great model for some, it certainly isn’t for everyone. We at Ohana want to be able to provide an environment that focuses on activities and socializing, and we simply couldn’t offer that if we were a DSPD facility.

Why are there so many requirements necessary in order to be an Ohana member?
In order to provide the safe environment and quality activities that Ohana is known for, we must insist that all Ohana members are well behaved. Because Ohana is largely a social experience, and because daily participation is expected, it is imperative that potential Ohana members fit in well with the group. We want the Ohana experience to be phenomenal and successful for everyone.

What does it mean to “be able to take care of their own personal hygiene?”
This just means that an individual is able to take care of their own restroom needs. Of course incidents and accidents will happen that may require assistance, but generally, Ohana members should be able to go to the restroom on their own and without assistance transferring from a wheelchair. Our business license prohibits us from providing complete custodial care, which also means we cannot change diapers or briefs.

Do you provide transportation to and from Ohana?
Unfortunately, we do not offer transportation to and from Ohana at this time. We hope to be able to offer this service for a small additional fee at a later time. UTA Flex will drop off and pick up individuals at our door.

What time is drop off and pick up?
Ohana members can be dropped off as early as 9:00 am; we begin programming at 10:00. Pick up is between 2:30 and 3:00.

What if my individual has special dietary needs?
We try to accommodate dietary restrictions as much as is reasonable. Some members, however, find it easier to simply bring their own lunch from home.

Do I have to pay for the whole day or can I just pay by the hour?
In order to provide top notch staff, activities, and experiences for your individual, we plan for the whole day. We must ask, then, that you pay for the entire day even if you drop off late or pick up early.