Weekly Schedule

Having a set schedule is important as it allows members to know exactly what to expect and look forward to each day. We encourage all new members to look at the schedule and choose days that are best for them.

Once a month, we do an evening activity called Ohana Night Out. We plan and announce this activity in advance, and invite families to attend if they want. Some of the activities we’ve done are movie nights, hot dog roasts, and attending local theater productions.

Week at a Glance

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

We will open on Mondays when demand necessitates

Library and painting, or Snowbird Cultural studies, craft, and bowling Community activity and out to lunch Cooking class, music therapy or band practice, and karaoke


At this time, we are not open on Mondays. As we have more members who are interested in attending Mondays, we will be open.



On Tuesday mornings we work on life skills, which include things like: money skills, reading, shopping, manners, etc.

We always go to the library on Tuesdays and spend time reading, looking at books, and discovering new things. Ohana members may bring a Davis County library card to check out materials if they wish.

Every other Tuesday, our professional artist friend, Dawn, comes and teaches a painting class.

The first Tuesday of every month we go up to Snowbird to do activities with the Wasatch Adaptive Sports team. These amazing people have taken us on many adventures including: recumbent bike rides, fishing, hiking, tram rides, the zip line, skiing, and snowshoeing. The Wasatch Adaptive Sports team is trained to teach and work with groups like Ohana, and they provide all the necessary equipment and instruction.



In cultural studies we learn about different cultures and customs. We have a lot of fun learning new words, exploring different civilizations, and trying new foods.

Crafts are a really fun and great way to practice fine motor skills and express creativity!

Bowling is one of our favorite activities, and we look forward to going each Wednesday afternoon.



Each Thursday we go out in the community. A few of the activities we’ve done are: Hogle Zoo, miniature golf, the state fair, swimming, Nickelcade, movies, and museums. Most Thursdays we also go out to lunch because knowing how to order and eat in public is a big part of being active in the community.



On Friday mornings we have a simple nutrition and cooking class. We focus on uncomplicated recipes our members can make on their own to share with their family and friends.

On Fridays,Expressive Therapies Utah comes to lead music therapy. This is a very fun class where we sing and explore different instruments and music.

Friday afternoons we do karaoke! Our members take turns picking songs to sing with our karaoke machine while the rest of us dance and cheer them on. It’s a great way to end the week!